Who We Are

Our Philosophy

We  believe that individuals, couples and families are unique-each having   their own inner strengths and capabilities for change.  Our purpose is  to  assist those we serve to recognize and mobilize those strengths and abilities and to help develop the necessary skills to achieve their goals. 

Our Emphasis

We  understand the need for overall health and  wellness, providing  psychotherapy, coaching, consulting, training and assessment to  promote healthy,  productive living at home, work, and in healthy  relationships.

Our Services

 We provide the following psychological services:   Individual  Psychotherapy and Personal Coaching • Couples and Marital Therapy •  Family Psychotherapy • Group Psychotherapy and Skills Training •  Executive Coaching and Consultations •  Psychological and  Neuropsychological Testing and Assessment • Workers’ Compensation  Evaluations / Assessments, Reports and Treatment • Community Workshops  and Educational Lectures • Professional Training, Consultation and  Liaison